Calgary bishop’s HPV vaccine ban putting thousands of girls at risk: MDs

Happens everywhere- cannot just blame the Taliban

National Post | News

Staring down the edict of a Calgary bishop who says the HPV vaccine contributes to promiscuity, a newly formed advocacy group is pushing Roman Catholic schools to allow students to be immunized against the sexually transmitted virus.

Calgary is the only major city in Canada with a publicly funded school board that withholds the vaccine on religious grounds, the group says. This puts the thousands of girls in the city and southern Alberta at risk of cervical cancer.

The activists, who include ethicists and doctors, have formed HPV Calgary in an attempt to strong-arm the Calgary Catholic School District into allowing vaccinations in Grades 5 and 9 with other routine shots.


After more than a year of correspondence with the school board, they went public Monday and are calling on trustees to discuss the issue by Saturday.

“In the letters from the physicians to the trustees, the word ‘children’…

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